My year in words: 2022 #

In the vein of previous years, I wanted to finish up my 2022 with a blog post.

2022 was a largely unventful year for me professionally: my kids are going to new schools and kindergartens, so a lot of my focus was on my family, more or less as planned.

This was also supposed to be a year of finishing up loose ends: I think I have continued to make some progress there.

OSS Contributions in a nutshell #

  • Continued to maintain
    • jsonschema-extractor
  • Finished
    • tome with a 0.9 effectively final release
  • Cleaned up the Ansible collection.

Finished Tome #

I finally shipped a version of tome that I was happy with! This was a side project of mine that was mostly there, I just needed to take it over the finish line.

I’m happy to have done so! Tome helps me in my daily tasks, and maybe it’ll help you too.

Updating’s collection for Ansible #

Professional needs aligned with my love for Open Source, and I ended up working on the Ansible provider, bringing it back up to snuff as an Ansible collection certified for ansible-core 2.13 and above.

I’m pretty proud of my work here, totalling 50 commits in 2022Q4:

  • Proposing the split from the magic-modules repository from which it was based, enabling a handful of PRs and bugfixes to get merged.
  • Added continuous integration for integration and sanity tests.
  • Fixed the 80+ integration tests that existed.

Culminating in the release of 1.1.2, the first release in almost a year and a half.

Unfortunately my time allotments don’t let me spend that much time on the project, but my intention is to keep it healthy and accept PRs with the new contribution process documented.

Continuing Japanese #

I continue to work on my Japanese, but I think I’ve hit a hard plateau there: I have hundreds of words I still need to learn, and I’m not really remembering any of them with my flash card system.

For next steps, I think I’m going to just continue to grow my Japanese with continued weekly italki classes for speech and reading to try to get to the point where there’s almost no words I don’t know.

I think consuming more TV / Films could be helpful: I don’t get enough exposure from a spoken perspective, to pick up on common conversationalexchanges

Continuing Farsi #

My Farsi has been getting better as well: it’s been roughly a year and half since I started to learn.

I can’t say I’ve dedicated a lot of time here, but I’m able to:

  • read some simple stories by myself.
  • understand quite a bit.
  • have some basic conversations around family, vacations, etc.
  • write very, very slowly.

I think with the limited time I have, I won’t make much progress in 2023 either. But as my biggest stumbling block is in vocabularly, I hope to spend a lot of time fleshing that out so I can muddle through conversations.

Fitness #

I made some minor, but significant strides this year health-wise:

I lost 4 pounds purposefully, from 188 to 184, in 2022Q4. It’s a major step forward for me since I haven’t sucessfully been able to lose weight on purpose before. Although I was down to 190 from 200 right after the pandemic started (presumably due to me eating salads for lunch daily during that time), it wasn’t a purposeful action.

I was able to run a 5k in a single run, and actually even started running 5k’s regularly throughout the week! 18 year old me never even completed the mile run, so to get to a 5k 16 years later is quite an improvement for me.

My focus on a plant-based diet is the same as 2021: I generally eat plant-based meals for most meals in a day. Near the tail end of the year I’ve been focusing on a high-protein, calorie restricted diet with the goal of getting to 15% body fat to start (I was 21% according to a Dexa scan in October).

My diet looks on a regular weekday looks like:

  • Breakfast: 150 calories, 30g protein of a vegan protein shake.
  • Brunch: 150 calorie coffee with Soy (something I’m trying to minimize).
  • Lunch: 400 calories, 25G protein (Huel hot and savory).
  • Dinner: whatever is on the plate: this is highly varied.
  • After dinner: 150 calories, 30g protein of a vegan protein shake.

My goal is to get to 1.5g / protein / KG bodyweight, and also restricting to 1700 calories a day. Generally some sweet or snack gets in the way, but that’s my target.

Random other things I did #

  • Set up game streaming from my desktop: with Stadia shutting down, I needed a proper replacment. Turns out Moonlight, A 4 year old nvidia GPU, and a 10 year old desktop is sufficient to run the games I want to! I just stream from my desktop: even on 4G it works with imperceptible lag.
  • I learned Shogi and Mahjong, mainly so I could get some achievements in a video game “Judgement”.

Goals for 2023 #

2023 will be another year of conservative goals for me: there’s a lot of family obligations and some random personal dablings I’d like to spend my time with.

That said, there’s some goals I want to continue progress on. Here’s a list:

  • Consume 20 minutes of Japanese media a day. TV and books mostly (conversational and literacy / vocabulary).
  • Be able to watch a Farsi movie and understand a majority of the story.
  • Lose fat and gain muscle to get to 12% body fat via a Dexa.
  • Finish a long-standing PR to add infinite depth keychords into VSCode.

Conclusion #

2022 was again a non-transformative year for me, but making steady, principled progress on my goals has been great.

Happy New Year!