Here’s some resources that made me a better programmer or person. I hope they help you as well!


Product Development




The Design of Everyday Things

“The design of everyday things” by Don Norman is a good book to design overall - not just to a specific profession like web design.

It’s a little lengthy, but it’s valuable as a kind of a resource and find specific chapters that interest you.

In particular I recommend:

  • Chapter 6 on design thinking: helps you approach design in an iterative fashion.

Don’t make me think

“Don’t make me think” by Steve Kreug is a great read to get a good sense of how to design a web page. It covers general usage patterns of a website and gets you into the mindset of trying to surface information quickly to the users and the techniques to do so. It’s a short read.

The Visual Display of Quantitive Information

“The Visual Display of Quantitive Information” by Edward Tufte has been around for a while, but it helps you really think about how data is visualized - compressing visualization to surface the most important details to the user.

It’s not a super long read, and mostly visual.