NOTE: this is a copy of /diet from 2020. I’m putting the old one as a blog post for posterity.

This is some notes about how I eat, and why.

Mostly vegan (plant-based diet) #

People who eat a plant-based diet live 7 years longer.

It’s hard for me to go completely vegan (I like my seafood and dairy), so I try to go for vegan meals most of the week, with 1-2 dinners non-vegan.

From what I read in Blue Zones (above), eating meat once a week still helps you get a lot of the longevity benefits.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, almonds, and fruit #

Trying to eat something fairly health, I’ve found that oatmeal is more filling than other vegan breakfast meals I’ve tried:

  • croissants
  • muffins
  • pancakes

I add almonds and some high-in-fiber fruit like banana to stay sated.

Lunch: Huel Hot and Savory #

Huel aims to provide sustainable, plant-based meals cheap. Their normal offering is a meal replacement shake, which I can’t get myself to consume regularly. I like their “Hot and Savory” meals because:

  • easy to prepare and clean up: you just throw some hydrated food in and add water.
  • extremely filling. I eat a 400 calorie amount and I’m full for hours (noon until ~4-5pm).
  • plant-based

“Hot and Savory” is amazing for that: I’ve fiddled with various plant-based lunch combinations and found it impossible to find something filling.

Snack: protein shake + almondmilk #

To help get a boost of protein, I drink a shake made from protein powder (plant-based) and almondmilk.

Dinner: whatever, usually vegan #

For dinner I’m pretty loose, since the rest of my meals are quite regimented. A majority are vegan or minimal animal-based (grain bowls, veggie burgers and fries, phad thai), and sometimes things like sushi, grilled salmon, past, etc.