I’m interested in starting a habit of note taking while I take on some pretty difficult tasks, maybe as a learning experience for myself or others if they find it valuable.

Today, I’ll be tackling Updating Cerebrawl’s Unity from 5.6 to 2018.3.

This is actually pretty late in the journey: I’ve got a branch of 2018.3 working, I just need to figure out how to reconcile that with the month-and-a-half’s worth of changes that were made in the meantime.

My upgrade path thus far has been a combination of the following tools:

  • vscode, when I need to go look at live coude
  • sourcetree, when I need to do some fine-grained change picking
  • Unity, to see if the things runs.

Errors Again #

Pulling up my branch again, there’s errors around the lack of a TMP_PRO namespace. It seems that TextMeshProUGUI doesn’t exist for TextMeshPro 1.3. Something to look into later, but for now commenting that out should be fine.

Next ran into a duplicate tk2dSkin.dll. It looks like that now goes in the “tk2d” directory, rather than “TK2DROOT”. So just delete the old one.

Cherry-Picking the New Changes #

We had to revert the 2018 unity changes previously. Last time I tried to merge in the master branch (I use git-svn so it’s effectively the SVN tree), git I think got confused because I reverted a bunch of the changes I had done, breaking everything and requiring me to apply those changes again.

This time, I should only pull in the changed made after that point. I created another branch to keep my working changes from being broken and lost in history when I merge in other changes.

I can use git cherry-pick to specifically pick up diffs in that version range:

git cherry-pick b813563…5646829

Ran into multiple errors cherry-picking. Resolution is to pick up incoming changes again and again (these are Unity asset files so not ones I needed to touch to update).

Once those were done, I switched back to the Unity editor, let it load again.

It Works! #

Huzzah! For the most part everything has migrated over. The biggest challenge on this one was upgrading tk2d toolkit, which was broken by newer Unity versions.

Merging Changes In #

I hit another snag trying to merge files in. Git svn attempted to rebase my changes on top of the existing branch, which doesn’t work really well as it tries to merge diffs again.

My best hope is to basically construct a changeset that is all of the changes I made on what’s in SVN today. To do so I run:

git svn fetch
git checkout master
git reset --hard git-svn
git clean -xdf
git checkout feature/merge-unity-2018
git reset --soft master
git commit

Finally a git svn push and all the changes have been made!