DRY Principles through Python Decorators

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Python decorators are a powerful tool to remove redundancy. Along with modularizing functionality into appropriate bite-sized methods, it makes even the most complex workflows into concise functionality.

For example, let's look at the Django web framework, which handles requests by methods which receive a method object and return a ...

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Move over bash: Python is my language for setup scripts now.

I know when people discuss using programming languages, there's two main schools of thought:

  • Use the same language for as much of your stack as possible
  • Use the language that's most appropriate for each part of the stack as much of possible.

Clearly, there's very strong advantages ...

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My IDE in Emacs (mainly for Python)

I'm writing this article up to mainly keep track of the current state of my IDE in Emacs, how to set one up, and to keep my to-do list.

Implemented Features

Default Emacs Library Includes

I use the following from the library that comes with Emacs (as of version ...

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