Welcome to Sprinter’s documentation!

Sprinter is a tool to help create environment bootstrapping scripts for developer environments.

Sprinter was designed with modularity, adaption, and cross-compability in mind. Some of the features of sprinter include:

  • Installing environments directly from configs on the web
  • Updating existing environments
  • Managing several environments, activating and deactivating as needed
  • Sandboxing common package managers such as brew and easy_install

To Install:

$ (sudo) easy_install sprinter

In your console. Alternatively, a sandboxed version of sprinter exists, which will install a sprinter environment containing sprinter. (Holy recursion, Batman!). You can do this with the following one-liner:


$ curl -s https://raw.github.com/toumorokoshi/sprinter/master/examples/sprinter_sandbox.sh > /tmp/sprinter; bash /tmp/sprinter

Debian-Based (e.g. Ubuntu):

$ cd /tmp/; wget https://raw.github.com/toumorokoshi/sprinter/master/examples/sprinter_sandbox.sh; bash sprinter_sandbox.sh

Compatible Systems

Sprinter is currently actively developed against the following:

  • OSX
  • Ubuntu

However, Sprinter should work against Debian distributions, and most Ubuntu-based distributions.

Feel free to make a ticket with your difficulties with other unix-based operating systems.

There are currently no plans to develop sprinter against non-unix based operating systems.

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