After doing some searching online, it looks like is a common tool people use to create and animate sprites. Here's a small tutorial on how to get some basic sprite sheet testing running.


To install it, simply go to (be careful about others sites you go to, I end up at a couple of malware sites before I arrived at the proper one).

The direct download URL is If that doesn't exist, try to navigate to and click download, and then "download 3.5". Be careful! There's a lot of adword links that look like download pages.

Downloading sprite animation plugins

Next, you need to download the plugin! There's a couple of sprite sheet plugins out there. I chose the spritesheet animation plugin:

Spritesheet animation plugin

Just download the "", which will contain a dll file. Drag and drop that into C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\Effects. C: is of course, interchangeable with whatever drive you installed on.

After you've installed the plugin, restart It is now available via:

Effects > Animations > SpriteSheetAnim :


And there you go! The plugin opens up and you can test various animations with it.

Credit for the sprite sheet in the picture goes to 10firstgame's wordpress blog.


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